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Build Your Own Lanyard

Build Your Own Lanyard 
Select this option to design your very own customized lanyard from scratch! You can pick and choose every option available to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

The price starts at $85 for a basic, single color adjustable lanyard with one or two ends of your choice (duck loop/whistle clip). Your final price will be determined by the prices of the options you select. NEW!! A Marbel's brass pocket compass is now available for $30 see detail picture below.NEW Navy Blue Counter.
***Duck loops (see options) are all leather.

Please call with any questions or other design needs not shown here.

SKU SKU_16177
Price: $105.00

Choose your ends:
Choose your main color:
For 2-color, select 2nd color:
For 2-color, chose pattern:
Additional whistle end:
Additional permanent duck loops:
Removeable single duckloops:
Removeable double duckloops:
Braided on flush counters:
Pewter emblem
braided on compass
Duck band displays:
choose brass or nickel whistle ends
mini pewter

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Detailed images

Navy Blue counter
Grey or brass heavy brass
Grey heavy brass ends
red counter

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Author: Unknown

Author: Unknown

Author: Unknown

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Author: Unknown

Author: Michael Stevens (
Order for MAJ Mike Stevens. Hope this is the 'thin adjustable lanyard' as Carla described, and that 'tan' is the right color to match my brown holster. I need the lanyard length at
35", that's the standard length for the issue pistol lanyard. Ship to my billing address in Kentucky, and it will get to me in Iraq, unless you folks will ship directly to an APO. Please let me know!


Author: J. C. Parks
had 2 whistle lanyards and 2 line leads uses them for years . But lost a whistle lanyard when my truck was stolen.

Author: Darrin Huculak
I had Carla craft a whistle lanyard for me 15 years ago and the quality is second to none. I still have it to this day after several spaniels. Thank you for your attention to detail, your work is amazing.

Author: nfl football

Author: nfl fb Green Bay Packers Football New England Patriots Game Today Los Angeles Rams Game Indianapolis Colts Game Denver Broncos Game

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